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Miswired and Weird

Devices that listen to all that you say,

Report to their masters in lands far away,

Take photos in secret, an AI complex,

They’re listening and watching, be careful

In bed.

A spy in the kitchen, the hall and the lounge,

Auto-recording the slightest of sounds, your

Profile secured the day you sign up, what’s

The weather outside? Are you mad? Go

And look!

Tech to amaze is what you’ll be told, that

Secretly monitors every household, now why

Would they do that in a free world my friend?

If not to disrupt, eavesdrop and mind bend.

The wind in your hair, the thrill of high speed,

Would you really hand that to a stupid machine?

Tech for tech’s sake, sit back and relax, AI might

Get you home, then again, it might crash.

Speech recognition, machines that can see,

Incredible storage, all the data they need, deep

Learning computers, a Hell yet to be, a watched

World of nightmares where no one is free.

Imagine the risk of a doorbell that speaks, ‘right

Lads, round the back, they’re away for a week,’

I jest, but you see, where AI could go wrong, it

Was just a tooth filling, but it cut off his tongue.

There are those who imagine they’re here to play

God, real life’s not a film, we don’t need Robocop,

Self-driving cars, what a crazy idea, just plain

Interference from the miswired and weird.

© Joseph G Dawson