Al-Bari Al-Mumeet

This life is but a test. A period
of time with trials and tribulations.
Of both good and bad situations.

A determination of who in
character has been blessed to
be among humanity's best

Each individual is allocated a
specific amount of testing time. Days, decades even a century. Testing time varies from person to person

Some finish testing in days wherein for others it may take decades or even more than a century. Allah's creation of life and death is a monumental feat

That brings into existence the humans testing period until death signals that it has been rendered finished and compete. Allah is Al-Bari, Al-Mumeet

Abu Lateef

Al Baari (in arabic: ٱلْبَارِئُ) is the one that decrees entities to exist out of nothing into a specific form or format.

Allah سُبْحَٰنَهُۥ وَتَعَٰلَىٰ is Al-Mumeet (in Arabic: ٱلْمُمِيتُ), meaning the one who gives life and the one who takes it away. He decrees who will become lifeless. From Allah we come and unto him we all return. 10 mins ago muslim-poetry rhyme

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Al-Bari Al-Mumeet