Crime Families USA

Having the power to cover up
their criminal enterprise. They
fully realize that they are above the law. They make the law

All crime families have a head. Someone by whom they are lead. Politricks is a money making racket.
And the duped hoodwinked voting public are conditioned to back it

Both Trump and Biden are crooks. Like a scrutator take a closer look They enrich their families and members. Freely giving everyone else their putred middle finger

Make the gangster comparison.
They both have trained enforcers,
foot soldiers, hitmen on
standby in garrisons

Who could ever be brasher or bolder than an elected office holder? They have their own money making agenda and enforcement crew

Using the ATF, the Secret Service or FBI to come after you. Using local PD's to enforce their will upon you. amerikkka's a prison

Doing as most loquacious
slick talking con-men do. As
trained attorneys they hoodwink
and astutely bamboozle you

With their flowery words and bombastic speeches. Until they
are caught by other political
crime family bosses

Slapped on the wrist then forced to face impeachment. Suffering no imprisonment nor financial losses. Still given respect and live'n like bosses

Abu Lateef

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Crime Families USA