Let's not Make ameriKKKa White Again

Danger danger danger our
land is being invaded by strangers. Troops, man your places we must defend against all alien races

Everywhere you look there is
a tanned skin, Red, Brown or Black. We must take our country back

The USA was our creation.
White Xristian Milita's get to your battle stations. Line up into
formations across this nation

Bring back racial segregation.
Expand Native reservations. Once more in Hitler like fashion make
great our White nation

More prisons more
forced labor plantations. It
may be too late to build that
big beautiful wall

But now is the time to
answer the call. Fall into battle formation yall. Like Custer at
Little Big Horn

Or into Alamo style this may
be our last stand. Our last
chance to Make ameriKKKa
White Again

ameriKKKa didn't start off
white. Through genocidal
capitalist war campaigns
most of the indigenous

People, by your ancestors
hands, ended up dead in
puddles of red. Or on
reservations with the Bluez.

Let's not make ameriKKKa
White Again. Make it Right
and that will be News

Abu Lateef

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Let`s not Make ameriKKKa White Again