The Stage is Set

Obliarchical big corporate conglomerations rampaging
through resources, people and
third world nations

More handy than octopus
or squid. When it comes to
keeping their true motives hid

Bed fellows and cronies are
these greedy fat cat political ameriKKKan phonies

Government officials are
elected to be as Shepard tending
to the needs of their flock

Instead they have become
bosom buddies with the wolf.
The citizenry suffers in shock

These greedy King Pins at
the top keep the middle and bottom people economically ill at ease

Down on their knees they beg for a living wage. One day soon to rise up in violent protest and rage. The economy has set the stage

The bosses keep the citizenry
on their knees through their two subsidiaries. The Democrat and Republicans Parties

These two parasitical appendages are addicted to splitting up profit percentages. Spending tax dollars for lake front cottages. And the best of colleges for their kids

These dastardly few unbridled demon capitalist cronies at the top refuse to stop their exploitation globally or of the people In their home towns

The abuses of the wicked will be put down and stopped. Through revolutionary thought the cream of ameriKKKan citizenry will rise to the top

Abu Lateef

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The Stage is Set