Abandoned Buildings Bodies and Tranquilizers

Thinking to myself, silently, I just
look at Dude. Saying nothing out
loud or acting rude. Keep talking smack and quickly you'll discover.

I'm not your roadie, homeboy or brother. You really don't know who
you are talking to. I'll send you home in a body bag to your mother.

Without saying a word like a beast
in a zoo I'll go ape on you. I'm not like some of these others. You don't know what I've done or who I've done it to.

Step off before something bad happens to you. I'm trying real hard not to be who I use to be. But you seem to have the knack to pull it out of me.

I'll slow walk you until this incident is forgotten. Then three years from now you'll end up missing. Remains discarded in an abandoned building rott'n.

Don't end up dead meat for dogs.
Your bones as a calcium rich
fertilizer. Homocide for me is like
a calming tranquilizer.

Abu Lateef

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Abandoned Buildings Bodies and Tranquilizers