Billie as we then were

When Billie pulled out the driveway it was still dark.
Her thoughts were far away drifting unpark.
Billieís memories had docked at her childhood home when it was full of family,
several sisters and brothers, sharing rooms and bunk beds on the southern side of the house.
All the good joyous days and also the times that they had to be quiet as a mouse.
Then baby brother just up and took a flight to heaven,
departing with the angels, Billie believed it was some time before eleven.
Leaving an empty space in which now could shine only family grace, and brave face.
Billieís thoughts racing now, to as we then were.
Paradoxically, middle sister was second to depart the family home.
She met a dark handsome beau, married, and was gone in her new shoes.
Billie noted that they were down from eight to six.
Her heart ached in the now for as we then were.
Even more perplexing, baby sister departed home next, career chasing,
took wings and flew out the country, rather eyebrow raising.
Then the demons got into her grazing leaving her the middle air gazing.
As we then were Billie knew was gone.
Billie looked around the house and only counted five out of eight.
She wanted to comment but dry tears choked her expression gate.
As we then were, was too heavy as of late.
Then middle brother hooked up with a girlfriend, moved in with her, later married.
Billie who always hated math could see the numbers downward trend.
She longed for the days when home was full of voices and laughter,
arguments and sibling fighting and, the peace to mend.
Now all that remained was, as we then were.
Then Billie met Richter and the numbers dropped to three,
then climbed back to four after middle brotherís break up.
Then the Oldman subtracted the math, dousing the fire in the hearth,
after a long campaign of wrath against love that was dearth.
The family ark now bearing three souls on the lifetime seas of earth,
and Billieís tears emptying into the endless gulf, longing for,
as we then were, the voices and the mirth.
As we then were, full eternally of memoryís worth.

CI-466991151 Knight Truelove Poems