Hitler-like Zionist: So-called Jews

Deeply rooted, steams from
bigotry and hate. Branches out
to all with colorful skin

The topic of white supremacist Politrixks. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the dastardly intentions

Of the British signers of the Balfour declaration. It was in fact a White Supremcist War Declaration

An enormous year 1917 crime. Committed back in time that still boggles the mind. How could those devils be so vile

As to continue for over a century
to abuse the peace loving people of the Palestinian nation. Depriving them of the right to self determination

Zionism is a brutish White
Jewish anti-Palestinian
anti-Muslim form of racism

Caucasian Jew hate-ism.
European Hitlerite, Hitler-like
Jews with racist views

Through creating mayhem and murder, demolition and robbery of their homes and land. People be ye
not in schism

Ziomism is terrorism. And
the United White Nations
Organization is solidly with
the Zionist

Zionist... why do you make the Palestinian people pay for what
the German Nazi party did to you

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Hitler-like Zionist: So-called Jews