Lyrical Narrative: RACE WAR

To some it seems that technology has not proved able to free those of the so-called Caucasian persuasion from their violently primative ways of behavior

Is that really who you are at your core? Are you actually espousing initiating
a new race war? What, one in addition to the one your people started over 500 years ago?

Times have changed. By history
you should be discouraged. Due to your numerical inferiority, lack of
nerve, tenacity and courage

In a global race war your side
would quickly and drastically diminish. While that of your foes would grow, prevail and flourish

You would in a short span of
time be finished. Today everyone
has guns and nuclear options

You never played any major
role regionally or internationally
until you found out about the
Chinese invention of gunpowder

You have always been numerically inferior. Only upon the advent of firearms technology did you gain battlefield invincibility and recognition

The cloudy cold damp bleak wilderness of Europe created a cold brutish and cold-hearted ruthless people

These pale pagan brutes often painted themselves blue as they howled at the moon worshipping
their gods Thunor, Saxnot or Odin

Europe was not an inviting place.
This environment of scarcity made
these hostile heathen people vehemently contentious, greedy and covetous

These pale desparate people were steeped in ignorance. Seemingly, in some narratives, to have gone straight from caves into their dark ages

Historically not being known for scientific knowledge nor high
culture but for preying like vultures upon their own kind

Their belief that the Earth was
flat prevented them from venturing too far away from land when
they were at sea

Once a few accidentally ventured further crashing into North, Central and South America, the Caribbean

Western and Southern coast of
Africa, the islands of Hawaii, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia all hell on earth broke loose

They had never seen oranges, mangoes, pineapples, bananas,
an array of fruit trees and
coconut groves.

Indigenous people wearing fine
silk and splendidly woven clothes. Ornamenting themselves with precious metals and jewels

When they wore clothing they
were accustomed to wearing
animal hides and smelly
animals furs

They saw these peaceful
tropical peoples and areas as paradises ready for pillaging

They began a global race war and terror campaign yet to have a rival. And for the last five hundreds years

The Europeans and their offshoots
in North America, Australia and Southern Africa have lead society

towards widespread moral
depravity, technological and intellectual savagery

The White Man can never
again win a war on land. He
hasnít won a war since world
War two

He seems fully capable of
defeating others of his kind. But
when it comes fighting in the
Pacific, Philippines

South China Sea and the
Vietnamese, against Asians,
Africans, Indonesians, Malaysians
in tropical jungles or

guerilla warfare he is an absolute failure and doesnít stand a chance. He lost in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq

The difference between the 15th century and now is every body has guns. Any nation or any man can use a nuclear option

You talk about a race war?
Whites have continuely perpetrated
a race war against melanated
people since

They found out that the earth is
round not flat. And even today
you still have some that still
donít believe that

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2022

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Lyrical Narrative: RACE WAR