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Over the moon...

...As ‘NASA’s Orion capsule returns to Earth

After successful test flight.’ Wonderful news,

Although the prospect of NASA being ‘joined

Soon by others’ leaves me worried; will they

All be pioneers, or will there be those amongst

Them intent upon exporting their battles with

The West further afield?

Might we at sometime in the future desert

Our TVs and living rooms in exchange for

Real life military fisticuffs played out directly

Overhead as Iran, North Korea and China

Give each other ‘what for’ in a ‘stake your

Claim’ battle for land aided and abetted by


New songs may be penned, By the light of

The nuclear moon, a worthy prize of note in

The eyes of many, a dark side so no one can

See what you’re doing and a light side, within

Reach of every bedroom telescope...

Knock and the door shall be opened, seek

And you will find’ never more true than today,

When trigger happy dictators frequently put

The world at risk; idiots stroking the nose

Cone of their latest nuclear missile, bigger

Than the last one, more powerful than ever

Before, capable of killing millions, a prospect,

God forbid, that must never reach the moon,

Once safely out of reach, now ever more



© Joseph G Dawson