My Words Spoken

A Prayer For The Believers

Father, allow these families
to be protected under
the shadow of your mighty

Cover them in the security
of your feathers.

Father, hold my brothers and sisters
who believe safe and deem us all
worthy to enter into your secret place
and then into your glorious kingdom.

Let that comforter you sent down
to dwell within us be our guide
to your light and let us not be
led astray from the grasp of your
mighty hands and into the
wickedness of this world.

Father we cry out to you
and we ask for forgiveness.

We repent of our old sins,
burying that old man and old woman
we use to be.

Let us be baptized in your word and
in your light, going down as sinners and
coming up as new creatures in your son
the Christ, whom was an innocent man
who died for his people.

Father, I give this prayer, a simple plea
for those who believe.

I give all praises and honor and glory to you,
in the name of your mighty son the
Hamashiach, the messiah, the Christ,
who the holy scriptures speak of
and none else

amen amen and amen.

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A Prayer For The Believers

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