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In hope of a miracle

It is no exaggeration to admit the world is

In trouble, over-populated, over-stretched,

Too many mouths to feed, too little food,

Not enough clean energy, daily price rises,

On top of which, global warming, plus the

Increasing unrest between superpowers.

There is no need of an oracle to alert us to

Danger knocking on our door. 24 hour rolling

News, our endless feed of blow-by-blow war,

Tragedy, death, and wanton destruction, a

Daily diet via BBC, CBS, Sky etc keeps us all

Well abreast of world events. How could we

Not know what’s going on under the thinly

Disguised title of ‘Special Operation,’ better

Known around the world as mass murder.

How could we not know what may be coming

Our way and wonder when it all might stop.

Not a great thought for Yuletide but if we

Fail to recognise the world for what it is,

What hope have we of making it a better

Place? Good and Evil exist side by side

On our divided planet and each day that

passes we witness despicable cts of truly

Biblical proportion; we don’t live in those

Times, thus our perspective is different, but

Bible times or present times, it does nothing

To combat the horrors presently raining down

On on the innocent people of Ukraine.

If we lived in closer proximity we might hear

The daily barrage set to destroy a country

Ad its people upon whom a bitter winter rests.

Oh, the holiday season, materialism crossing

Christ out of Christmas, whether one believes

Or not, surely the point was hope, no room

For that though at the busy cash registers of

Heap big wampum.

Yet, who can escape the howls of pain from

Afar, nor the thought of children huddled

Together in sub-zero temperature hoping the

Next strike will miss the cellar in which they

Hide; but then, how to respond beyond the

Delivery of more bombs and bullets, sent with

A prayer that one day Ukraine will be


Meanwhile, the world waits in hope of a

Miracle, a miracle that waits upon the birth

Of hero thinking, hero determination, the

Kind of wisdom able to calm things down,

Halt the killing and put an end to this phony


Finally, by what right does one man have the

Right to rest easy in his warm, well lit, well fed

Palace sipping vodka whilst congratulating

Himself over the deaths and mutilation of

Countless woman, children and their men?

What was it? power corrupts and absolute

Power corrupts absolutely.

© Joseph G Dawson