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Mother Earths Song

Centuries have come and gone, unlike the indigenous we’ve forgotten Mother Earths song. Let us return to the days of Lemuria and rekindle what’s been lost for too long
A time when the divine feminine and divine masculine where both honored. It is this balance that properly sustains life in a way that joy and peace is maintained.
No need to compete or take another’s life to feed fears insatiable beast. The very one that is controlling the monetary system, food production and supply decrease.
To once again remember God exists on the inside not in some distant place. Man has taken away the truth and replaced created in Gods image to that of his own.
Look at the road ahead, where is it taking us?  Perhaps humanity as a whole might want to come together, stand up united and strong for the sake of a common cause.
We were given a bite off the tree of knowledge’s fruit, resulting in a choice between Good and Evil, to be in the light or to live in darkness, which of the two now rules?
Change is upon us which direction it goes is at hand. We simply cannot continue poisoning the air, sea and land. Mother Earth will survive,  but no more shall her song
      be heard by the likes of Man

Joy Hardy
Dec 17, 2022

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