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Two Thousand And Twenty Two

Four Billion years or thereabouts
Earth has orbited its appointed place
Slowly and surely developing into
A safe and hospitable living space

What a strange year this has been
Year Two Thousand and Twenty Two
You seem to have bern so long passing
And I'm so glad to see the back of you.
A year of invasion and Warfare
Of bullies flexing their might
Seeming secure in their belief
That might alone is right.

A year of political spectres
Of crooks, spivs and ghouls
Carelessly showing to the world we
Are lead by blatant self seeking fools.
The greedy and avaricious seem
To want, and take, more and more
Leaving even less for the peasants
To fight and grub for off the floor.

The rich man in his castle still,
Security light and guard at his gate,
More and more decrying the excesses
Of the battered remnant Welfare State.
So goodbye twenty twenty two
Heaven only knows what we'll see,
More of the same and worse I think, when
They usher in year Twenty Twenty Three.

Four thousand years give a century or two
That's just about as long as it's taken
For man to abuse Earth's delicate balance
And leave it stunned and badly shaken

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