Santa Down in the Chalk behind the Tape

Shiver me timbers says Old Saint tricky Nick. With raindeer so quick
so fast they appear to fly across
the cloudy Marijuana sky

Every body must be high believing a fat bearded white guy powered by raindeer can fly without a police helicopter escort through the frozen night sky

Ho ho ho living deep inside
a bottle rum and drunk like
the pirate Long John Silver

Shiver me timbers if any of the
gifts, raindeer or Santa survives.
I have me doubts about them
ever getting out alive

Raindeer having flown off Santa is in a pickle of fear. No help seems to be near. He's getting too fat too old and too sick to deliver in this wintry cold

His fatty liver quivers from
disease. Is it the cirrhosis pain
that has him down on his knees?

Or has he just been
attacked by an unfriendly
pack of pistol packing
neighborhood G's?

He should have never
been so silly as to attempt
to deliver gifts into the death
trap that is Philly.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Santa Down in the Chalk behind the Tape