Guilty of the Sin

Apprehensive of not making it to
work on time. Apprehensive of being stopped and hassled by the Pigs for some imaginary crime.

These thoughts permeate my
mind each time I leave my house.
Will I ever again see my children
and spouse?

Apprehensive about being "lead poisoned" by the police. Apprehensive about being lit up like an Xmas tree from police 9mm Glocks.

Fear of not seeing parents,
offspring or friends again.
Pre-tried, judged and
convicted at birth.

Viewed by the majority
society as not having much
worth. Found guilty of the sin
of the color of my skin.

Time to get up from bed and start the drudgery of being a Blackman in ameriKKKa all over again. Life on the graveyard shift. But I ain't scared


Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Guilty of the Sin