The false flag season

Richter realized that the season had come again,
when people looked for a reason.
Although it was not true, some worked themselves up blue.
It was Richter well knew a time of lies too.
Even many churches they were saying Jesus is the reason for the season.
How would you be feeling hearing people celebrating happy birthday to you in December,
when you were really born September/October.
Your birthday calendar completely missing.
Masquerading your day of birth on a pagan saturnalia and at the true Lord hissing.
Many people setting nimrodís phallus in their house and
about the colored decorative balls of child sacrifice quiet as a mouse.
The star on top not the true one seen in the days of baby Jesusís sky.
How can the true Lord give you a judgement Bly as you dishonor Him under His heaven.
Richter knew there was nothing godly about satan claus.
The truth about the origin and history of that character on many was a lost cause.
Many a poet and wise sage, through the ages rightly saying, ĎYou are what you love.í
On christmas yule there alights no heavenly Dove nor angels under mistletoe in alcoves.
Oh! Family get together is good loving fun,
but on the trappings of the devilís false flag season,
there is no rising of Godís Sun.
All the tinsel, color gift paper and jingles
to entice you with the devil to mingle.
As your mind is programmed with jingle, jingle, jingle.
To the merchantís music your will crinkles in pavlovian group singles.
Do you really love God Almighty above
or are you smelling the devilís baking dingles,
wafting the aroma of false love, bereft of the heavenly Dove.
Tis the season of sun god worship,
fake art jesus and plastic reindeer in lights,
for all who board the devilís flight.
Boar eating the historical main menu,
of the saturnalia table at the devilís global venues.
Richter remembered when he used to take that flight
until he saw the reality of his plight.
He remembered the fights with friends,
family and workmates when he turned away from a saturnalia fate,
his feet refusing to enter their 25th gates.
In his heart was no hate, just happy to have turned around his fate,
free from Decemberís heavy life conscription,
liberated from the mass psychosis prescription.
His heart now beat to a different description
having seen through the enemyís encryption.
Sadly, many of his friends were still in programmed hibernation.
He had to move on and leave them on his spiritual peregrination,
heaven his reward and destination.
Liberty from popes, emperors and devils and their spiritual desalination,
their salt useless and tasteless in the Earthís nations.
For Richter the true way was salvation.

CI-342002537 Knight Truelove Poems