Rotten Fruit

Born from the corrupted seeds of British Imperialism. Land theft and genocide perpetrated upon America's only Indigenous Folk

Africans kidnapped and forced
to labor for free on ameriKKKan prison work plantations

Chinese laborers paid pennies
to build U.S. Railroads. AmeriKKKan racism on overload. Japanese citizens jailed during world War 2

The colonization of Puerto
Rico, Samoa, Virgin Islands and
the rest. Second class citizenship
at best

Their Rlacist Capitalist SYSTEM
is the problem. This government
is rooted in wickedness and
cannot solve them

Each leaf on every branch
is corrupt from its trunk
down to it's roots
Present day violence and
crime on ameriKKKan streets is amerikkka's rotten fruit

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Rotten Fruit