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How sweet flesh glows…

In the foam that blows across the beach,

From restless waves that will not sleep,

A message carried o'er the sea, ‘on

Summer nights look out for me.’

In shells that whisper words of love,

On sparkling sand warm to the touch,

Reflections of a night revived, when I

Was yours and you were mine.

The dunes recall as does the grass, a

Lover’s moon quite unsurpassed. The

Light, the night, who could forget,

The tempting press of flesh on flesh.

The stars looked on as fingers met,

Your arms outstretched above your head,

Your two piece lost in grass nearby,

How sweet flesh glows in soft moonlight.

On nights like this I walk the dunes,

In search of footsteps, signs of you,

When summer comes again next year,

Come find me, I’ll be waiting here.’

© Joseph G Dawson