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Gaia's Daughter     sestina poem

A stark volcanic peak stares over water.
Darksome daughter of Gaia, barely known
by human beings. Frequent deep purges,
and harsh violent rumblings, keep feeding,
her desirous need, till havoc flows forth…
Rendering a foundation, that sustains

life. A microcosm designed to sustain
everything! Even holding the water
within her forceful embrace! Sending forth
an insistent call to creatures both known,
and unknown, now to commence their feeding.
Eventually they'll feed her. Purges

always build her up, causing new purges.
Each event has purpose. Fierce fire sustains
her existence, tenaciously feeding
her essence, from deep beneath the water.
Jet black, fertile shorelines grow. It is known
That abundance comes from destruction. Forth

flows even more life. Nothing will go forth
and not come back again. These cyclic purges
are inevitable. Once this is known
it cannot then be ignored. All life sustains
all other life. Churning through the water
gathering at her table, all feeding

and breeding like after like, feeding
their young. Generations still moving forth,
proceeding from her lap back to the water.
Nothing can stay her progress. These purges
are needed. Her violent wrath sustains
Balance. Her wizened stony face is known

to show compassion. There are flowers known
as unique to her environs, feeding
only on her bounty. They are sustained
fully by her. They send their offspring forth
to enhance her beauty. Nothing purges
their delicate fronds, but raging water.

Beauty has often been known to spring forth
from death. Feeding on the fiery purges
That sustain life, and flow from the water.

Ramona Gibson Hughes
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Gaia`s Daughter sestina poem