Moon Gang

I have personally seen beings
from the Moon. I have walked with and talked with and fought with
beings from the Moon. Moonlings aren't alien to me.

I even attended schools and sat side by side with beings from the Moon. Laughed with, joked with and as a juvenile been locked up with beings from the Moon.

From 62nd and Vine Streets to
Tuscon playground to Carol Park
I have visually monitored their movements daytime and
after dark.

I'm not referring to the Moon up in the sky nor it's beings if they exist. I am referring to a youthful West Philadelphia street gang way back in my pre and teenage days prior to 1966.

The Moon Gang did their thing for all that is worth. They defended their turf. They were my avowed enemies. By society we were referred to as Hoods. Hoodlums no longer.

Through Islam we have become intellectually, morally and spiritually stronger. Islam has given us an unbreakable bond that has withstood the hands of time.

Today the former Moon Gangers are friends to me. We stand toe to toe as we perform the salaat and got in more than a half century of good and fond memories of Jamaat.

From being on the brink of the pit of the fire Allah extended to us The Rope. Now, we hold fast asking for the good of both worlds. Through Deen ul Haqq we have been given hope.

Abu Lateef

Following the light of Islam out of ghetto gangsterism 52 mins ago islam's rehabilitive reformative qualities

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Moon Gang