The Great Hush Awakes

I had just sat down before a delicious smelling rack of lamb.
Naturally, in the 12th month I eschewed boar and ham.
It was then that I heard a glimpse into the history of Kham.
It was the custom of the Romans to rename a conquered land after their winning general.
Thus the land mass of Ham renamed Africa after the roman Africanus,
a triumph voted for him but for them a damn funeral.
Thus history’s great hush and refusal to speak on Kemet and Kush.
All hidden beneath the victors’ bush.
From that inception of the beast kingdom intervention until now,
the Babylonian matrix continues to spin its web of deception.
Their identity camouflaged from first manufactured conception,
melenated Hebrew Judah disappearing after the fall of Jerusalem and
the destruction of the Temple, edomites and romans going section by section,
no time for reflection, as execution pursued persecution.
Then under slavers whips sold from the west coast of Ham into the global matrix sham.
Melanated Hebrews stripped of all glam and fam not to mention yam and ram,
identity, name and history.
The truth now subjugated under the matrix’s frequency suppository.
The Babylonian masters running a full blind.
Sold the Hebrews to the Khazar slavers in the lands of the plumed serpent,
Brutus, LatAm and the Caribbean isles.
The seed of the serpent evil and mercilessly wild.
The melanated Hebrew children of God, their only deliverance, to turn and repent.
Their forefathers’ sins and idolatry having cursed them to this event.
Sending the children into exile and slavery’s bind.
Sentenced to four hundred years under the Babylonian mind.
But now! Celebrities and players the eyes of their spirit open,
see some who claim to be Jews but are not true men.
Now the Hebrews see through the devil matrix encryption
and they resist the deception.
The predictive programming mind fog clearing.
They take spiritual and geographical bearings.
The Truth speaking to the mystery Babylon matrix power,
coming against it like a mighty avalanche tower.
Their heart like a great ship turning to the Most High,
the Almighty God above the sky.
In the appointed time He will drain the seas and rivers preparing the Way,
For his children’s yearning hearts homeward to stray, having learned His Way.
For the children rest and reward and their home restored forever to stay.
On the serpent seed and the unrepentant sinners full wages of judgement He will pay.
For in His day the chaff will be separated and cast away in the fire
to the evil seeds dismay, their end ruin and disarray.
For the fire they will be prey.

12/31/2022 Knight Truelove Poems CI-368628940