I met T'Nut-Peanut when I was seven
Not knowing that soon
Peanut would draft me
As his little brother

I outweighed him
And in height had him by a few inches
He was my steadfast
Ace boon coon always
Available to help me out of pinches

Whenever I needed him
He'd break his neck to get there soon
He's always been my Ace boon coon
He volunteered for the Army
When I became old enough I followed

He came home from war and married
Still at war I tarried
His sister in law I eventually married
Big Bruh and I both filed for divorce
Several years apart of course

Sixty six years through street
fights, overseas combat, death of
children parents and grandparents.

We have battled and
survived sickness. And we both
are still here to welcome in
another New Year

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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