Western College vs True Islamic

Western thought, western college citidels of conjecture, doubt and very limited knowledge. Use caution and stay aware

Al-Furqan is Indubitably without
an iota of doubt to those who believe in Allah and are steadfast in prayer.

Through the Prophets they learn about He who is sublime and about Alam Al-Ghayb. Spending from what he has provided.

They become knowledgeable and guided. Among man these Prophets stand out like stars, kings and princes.

Through these Messengers
the believers learn knowledge
beyond the physical senses.

To Allah is due all praise.
Through the acquisition of a higher knowledge his slaves are raised.

Out of the depths of darkness and mediocrity into the light. Armed through tawheed leading the fight.

To vanquish wrong by establishing
the right. Western knowledge pales
in contrast to Deenul-Haqq.

Knowledge of Allah strengthens the weakest of hearts into an understanding of both worlds that is stronger than rock.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Western College vs True Islamic