Ladies for Liberation

Freedom should not have a color. It shouldn't be exclusively for whites. Know that freedom is seldom given. It's normally won through bloodshed and armed fights.

Just as Chief Crazy-Horse of the Lakota knew death is not to be feared. Because there are laws to which even the Angel of Death must adhere.

Let's make it pristine and perspiciously clear throughout the world but especially in this nation. All people have the right to liberation and self-determination.

Freedom is not determined nor reserved by color. Freedom is not white regardless of what has been said by the white colonizers.

Lolita Labron AKA Dolores Lebrón Sotomayor. In revolutionary form got busted on a mission to crash the congresses door for the Puerto Rican peoples liberation.

Then we have this boss bad white girl Marilyn Buck of the SDS who did her best to assist in all people's right to self determination.

Assata Shukur formally known as Joanne Chesimard. She is a star proponent for her peoples liberation and is known both near and far.

As is Angela Davis. Courageous women that early on realized freedom wasn't free. It must be fought for. Fighting is necessary to insure that it endures.

Abu Lateef
© 2023

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Ladies for Liberation