No One Leaves

Whether you believe it or not.
Hell is a place of extremes. There
are sectors that are horribly hot.
Other areas cruelly cold.

A tightly constricted place with
no venue to escape. A prison eternal. Putred fluids to drink and poisonous fruits of which the inhabitants of Jahannam will be forced to eat.

Get sick then repeat this horridous cycle. Justice for the wrongdoers
who thought that they had gotten away with their vile and evil deeds in the life that had preceded.

By them neither God nor the directives of his Prophets were heeded. No rest no sleep shallow or deep. Circadian rhythm in overdrive, no parole or early release no one leaves even by death.

In this dreadful inescapable prison every being is eternally alive. After the first death. After the death experienced in this Dunya, the life of this near world, the Alam Al-Shahadah. There will be no more death ever.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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No One Leaves