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I don't understand any of this.
I messed up everything.
You'll never let me back in.
Not after what I did.
You don't even want me anymore mami.
No one should.
My karma is already here.
Ive accepted that it's about to get me.
You should be basking in your peace.
You should be happy.
You shouldn't want me anymore.
You should want someone stronger than me.
I'll just gonna stay alone.
There's nothing here for me.
I left my love peace sanity and everything good about me
When I left you.
I am a shell of a person.
I will not bother you again. I won't ask you for anything. I will stay away.
Everyone who I split from ends up finding someone who is worth their time.
I wouldn't give up at first because I believed I was your person.
But then to hear you say things you've said and the way you think about me
It makes me feel like I'm not strong enough for you.
Look at me...
another useless pile of words
It doesn't matter anymore.
Nothing matters anymore.

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