All over Asian and Africa. Specifically North Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, South Asia and All of Africa. In the aftermath of colonization from ameriKKKan and European domination through liberation.

We witness the damages that still ravages the former colonized slave mind. Time after time you'll fine in the African and Asian climes a disdain for self and kind. Once conquered by the west. They have come to believe that White or light complexions are best.

Dark skin indicates that you farm out in the sun. White or lighter skin indicates that you are rich and therefore you can stay in. In from the sun and heat. While the Europeans use their technology to build machines like ovens to bake themselves like meat.

The Africans and Asians dangerously bleach their skin hoping to reach the unattainable unmaintainable. Swallowing capsules at home. Or, in clinics getting IV injections of glutathione.

Why by you should your skin complexion be hated? Why not accept how you were created. And leave how Allah created you alone. The supremacy of white skin is a farce created by the white man. Who it seems is constantly seeking the perfect tan.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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