Legend has it that in height he stands maybe seven or eight feet. No punk in him. Never suffering defeat. Moon Gang born and bred.

A number of people wanted him dead. He lead a pitched battle in the Wade's living room. An Original Tough Guy through and through.

In those days young and beardless. Peerless, fearless and that's no lie. Already use to danger. He joined the Army becoming an Airborne Ranger.

Prepared to fight the entire NVA army and Viet Cong who were backed up by one billion strong, Chinese and Russia Troops. Never was he tripped up nor thrown for a loop. He never bowed or stooped.

Stabbed 37 times. Drove himself to the hospital and Allah refused to let him die. My Ace boon coon. A future Muslim Brother originally from the Moon Gang.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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