Kill Pills Free Thrills

Colonizers wanting the land but not necessarily the people. Enters Thomas Robert Malthus. His mad man's economic philosophy let loose

Putting a noose to native people's freedom and liberation by gynecological control of population.
Diabolical approach to bringing about their end

Theory Malthusian doing
colored and native populations
in. Turning fertile wombs into
tombs of doom

Fall not prey to their
psychological distortions.
Let them be the ones to
undergo abortion

Free love, free sex, free thrills.
Quacks prescribing kill-pills.
Sexual promiscuity no one
taking responsibility

Bastard births a plenty. Welfare
then fatherless homes. To much
time spent idle. No positive
male role models

Tricked by Western sham philosophy ruining your culture and society. Loosen yourelves from the talons of the beast. Awake people of the East

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Kill Pills Free Thrills