Strong Independent Ho

How can you call yourself
Ho, THOT, Bitch, Slut,
can you think?

Where is your brain?
You seldom show it.
You always show your butt.
And you know it

Is your head in the wrong
place? You emphasize your
posterior. Do you feel
intellectually inferior?

You can think of no way
to purge yourself from a
monetary rut except to Ho about online showing your butt

Your brain... have you excreted
it? Has a Dawg eaten it? Have
you actually lost your mind?

Make up routine and fake hair
daily repeating it. Acting fake
and secretly hating it

Same bad vibrational rut. You're
aging rapidly and feeling stuck.
Slim chance of this ending happily

You're headed in the wrong
direction to actually one day
find true love and true affection

You're on the right track by wanting
to better your economic condition.
But to what depths will you go to increase your cash flow

I'm not tease'n. You're alone for a reason. No real man is interested in your money, job or cash flow. No real man is interested in wife'n a strong independent Ho

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Strong Independent Ho