Cinderfella Morphs into Cinderella

Cinderfella in drag as Cinderella. Perversely insane voices. Advocating and promoting wicked choices. Peddling homosexually to your child

Walt Disney smiling his demonic
smile from his grave. With devilish
gile and cunning. Parents should be running and gunning

To put and end to this not so fun thing. That Disney has been putting down. Disneyland's Fairy World should do better or should be shutting down

Wouldn't waste one quarter to view anything featuring Silly Billy Porter. Steeltown's most unwanted homo clown

He-she It... has definitely found a more legit fit in tinsel town. To peddle his G_y Sh_t. Parents why allow it?

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Cinderfella Morphs into Cinderella