Live life Backwards

A man and woman joined together matrimonially. A husband and
wife to start living the family life.
Role definition clear

Prepare boys to become honorable, responsible men and husbands. Teach daughters femininity and how to be real wives. Instruct them in the ways and virtues of truth

No boyfriends or girlfriends. No
fiance or fiancee for five or ten years. No dope, whiskey or beers. So they will grow straight and realize

A marriage is not about competition. A marriage is about cooperation
and compromise. But never about domestic capitulation

Staying together through all types of weather. Solving problems and making life better. No whimsical quiting. Marriage is not dating or mate hating

Roles must be clearly defined.
The husband is in charge. The
wife second in command. Solidly united and strong they stand

Both teaching their children
through example manners so
as they grow they'll know right
from wrong

Through direct supervision limiting
TV, videos and songs. Unnecessary technology and media that would
ruin their minds

Homeschooling to protect them
from the societal sick. Preparing
them for adulthood. To be good people in life

To insure that they do not live life backwards. By being sexually active having children before becoming husband and wife

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Live life Backwards