The Babylon medea spell

Act 1
Who are these crazies anyway?
Trying to force everyone to die in their death play.
What swagger they exude through their Medea sun god gates.
The buggers with their media cast magic and narratives,
will run into we the peopleís checkmate, for them too late.
Their strategy disguised in compartmentalized stagger.
While in the publicís psyche they code their hegelian dagger.
Manipulating the markets with their algorithmic wagers.
They smile smugly as they snap up the profits like gators.
Act 2
Who are these crazies anyway!
We donít want to be in their tragic death-drama play.
We must make these death cultists go away.
In dark sentences they just bray and bray.
Just do not comply with what they say.
They launch strikes against the peoples of the nations,
with their CBDCS, digital id, covid passports vibrations.
Malevolently speaking like a lamb
in dragon reptilian guise to totally control your life sensations.
Disease narrative after disease narrative they spin
in their Medea sun god religious power,
Looking down on the people from their babylon towers.

Act 2 s.2
They beat their lock-down drums dark with fervor,
whipping up public sentiment to a fearful flavor.
The people forever paying a bill, queuing at their debtor gates.
No rebate from their dystopian claws and
for your falling tears no relief swab,
a freeman only meaning in name without debt rehab.
Beware their spiders warp and weft
as their anti-dialectic yarn spins left.
All designed to capture the nations and
bring a famine of independent critical analysis,
with their psycho mental rations and supply chain shortage machinations.
But they be playing with a waking hungry bear and
its quite a dare to be not end game hibernation aware.
The globalist denizens in a race to put the people of Earth in a cage,
before we the people achieve full post hibernation consciousness
and wipe them from the world stage.
It would be a day of rage in which many their true mettle would engage.
A saga worthy history for telling by future sages.

Act 3
Who are these crazies anyway?
We the people see their front men and women worshipping
in the lights of their sun god descendant Medea studios,
looping on 24-hour auto play, in a tone of dystopian grey.
All your mind to sway, as they spell cast in the media all day,
if you daily eat from their predictive programming menu tray,
then your mind would be a pregnant drone, which the death cult would own.
After you a fertile field they had all your life sown,
from cradle to grave or until the cover of those persons
without bodies dogging your tracks be blown.
These are the poison frequency seeds that their psychopath minds hall mark.
The death and losses of Earthís citizens are for them a lark.
Get off their devil ark and beware their mind-controlled sharks.
Mark. Mark. Stay in the light and do not let them make you go dark.
Shine brighter than quarks.

Act 4
Build your own food, finance and life systems under the wide blue arch.
We do not need their diet of insect flour and
genetically modified starch to our nutrition parch.
Truth is, God Almighty is our only way out of this demonic dark.
We need Him to defeat our common enemy above, in second heaven parked,
orbiting the ether in a dark matter meter.
The enemy like a mad mud flood sniffing for the peoples blood.
Hark! The enemy you shall rout with the Kingís mighty shout.
Out!!!. Out!!! Out of our presence and away you go to your judicial sentence,
the lake of fire, where all evil will certainly expire.
That fireís spire will never tire
as it feasts on the slanderer and his anti-gospel liars.

1/11/2023 Knight Truelove Poems CI-572773932