Bad and Bedazzled

Mom ain't there. You end up in foster care. Granny is old but she finds you. Brings you home and try to do you right. But as you get older you start to sneak out after she falls to sleep at night

You know it ain't right. But you've fallen in love with the street life. Bedazzled by street lights at night in the city. A sweet sexy young honey. Prostitution and drugs making street money. A real pity

Not long can it last. Aging quick from living too fast. Smiling when nothing is really funny. Living a shadow version of life. Drugs eating up the money

Eventually in jail. No money for bail. Grandmom died leaving you alone with no home. Now you're on a program being interviewed by me requesting Methadone

Abu Lateef

In what now seems like another lifetime. Among other things I was once an Addictions Services Counselor at a Methadone Drug Treatment Center. When doing psycho-social interviews for placement evaluations I would frequently hear such stories. delinquency drugs juvenile prostitution

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Bad and Bedazzled