My Words Spoken

The Marriage Supper

I find myself standing with others on the
outskirts of a community with twelve
separate gates being guarded by
a towering creature at each one.

You can see what seems to be names
written at the tops of each gate,
and we're all segregated to each one
in large crowds.

As we hear the echoes of names being called,
you can see people entering and others protesting
the good they've done in his name being tossed into
the darkness where there's blood curdling cries
of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Out loud I hear my name called and at a snail's pace
I approach the sky-scraping gate.

I then hear a voice of the sound of many waters tell me
all the righteous and wicked things I've ever done in my life.
There's an ire silence in the air.

I look up and make direct eye contact with the imposing creature
as it looks down at me with a heart piercing stare which seems
like an eternity.

Suddenly I hear the voice say “well-done, loyal and faithful servant,
you may enter”.

As I enter the community, the defiled raiment I was wearing changes
into a brilliant white robe.

There's no sun needed here. The pure presence of his glory is so bright
that it lights up the entire place.

I see beings in the image of man and others of unworldly terror,
but they all welcome me with a humble spirit
and tell me to follow them.

I look around in a state of ahh at the beauty of this place.
The high definition colors and jewelry embedded mansions
I can't describe with any words.

We proceed down a street paved in gold and from
a distance the glorious sounds of laughter and singing
can be heard.

As the laughter and singing gets louder, I notice an enormous crowd
as far as the eye can see at a distance.

And in that moment I knew I was home. Bless the lord on my soul, I've made it!
I've made it to the marriage supper of the lamb.

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The Marriage Supper

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