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Come as you are

Behold His grace

Beautiful is the name of Jesus

He has taken me higher

A little Bird "Revisited"

Missing you Mark

To the man with the flowers in his hand

Behold and look up!!!!

Dear Lord i pray

He with me walks!!!

Led to scorn

Singing a song to the King!!!

Our beloved pets!

Follow you ....

God's grace

Misty fire

Sweet Jesus

Come Jesus come!!

O' sacred head surrounded

OH this Christmas time

Enter His gates

Paths Of Gold

O 'Holy Angels

A Savior born

The angel at Christmas

Welcome Holy Ghost


Snack Mericale

Look upon

He who appoints

I will carry you

My little name is fido

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O' dear Lord i pray  for more of your love and grace
i pray you shine your countenance and face
upon us each day and night
That forevermore you'd hear our plight

Dear Lord in the heavens above
i pray for an overflowing of the Holy Dove

Take away all our sadness and fears
and wipe away all of our tears!

Dear Lord we draw closer to you
breathe on us Holy Ghost anew

May someone who does not know you come closer today
as they go to their knees and pray

You are the narrow path the only way to heaven
i plead with you unbeleivers as true as the days of seven

What more can i write
heaven and Jesus are true and right

Heaven for the true believer and hell for the unsaved
i beseech you fellow man follow the path He gave!!!!

Heaven will be a place of pure joy
and hell terrible, without Jesus you can't avoid

I know the love of Jesus in me
there is defintly no better way than i can see

So brother and sister and friend
take Mighty Jesus and have abudent life without end!!!


Michelle Lee Carter

Dear Lord i pray



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