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Hiding In The Shadows
We all have been around long before time, we gazed
upon the galaxies, watching them be born. We have no
beginning or end regarding each and everyones soul.
Coming to Earth to be human to experience reality solely
based in duality. Learning as we go, free to choose between
darkness and light, along the way we forgot and lost sight.
We have been on a long and windy road looking for home.
Have many scars too display. Living in a place where the
few have too much while too many don’t have enough.
Seems it might be time to question ourselves, to remember
once again how we first began, eons of time have passed. If
we want a different tomorrow we have to look at our past
Only in the present moment can any real changes last.
Remember we are a part of the earth who gave us our
bodies and our souls beyond time, came from the stars.
We have everything we need except for the knowledge
God isn’t up above, unattainable sitting on a cloud. No,
We are pieces and parts of a living God who art inside.
The paradigm we have been living in has ruled over us
thousands of years. One that has taught humanity to
perceive a reality filled with unloving beliefs and fears
 Tell us life is hardship and filled with disease, in truth it’s caused
by our own fear and their greed.  The few make up the rules and
do as they please. Raping the earth, polluting our land, air and sea.
We live in fear over what our tomorrows will bring. We
 Have become slaves under the illusion we are free. Being
a part of God we have the power to create life differently.
Look at what just happened in the last few years. Knowing
that their system is broken, decided to spread a virus
Close down business by locking everyone into their homes
Creating fear and division is what they do best, sadly a large
percentage of people fall for it every time.  knowingly causing
harm, while the people become victims in their own minds.
This too shall pass, the darkness hiding in the shadows can no
longer be ignored. Through love and compassion for ourselves
and others, we’ll witness a shift in consciousness like never before.

Joy Hardy
Jan 17, 2023

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