Grunt Life 68-69

Elephant grass, rice paddies, bamboo trees, sweat, tears, bloodshed. Infantryman ploddingly trudging through mud during the monsoon season up to his knees

Ant bites, green pit vipers, mosquito bites, fungal jungle rot, dysentery, malaria and other disease. Cannot remember ever hearing about the domino theory. Eleven months in and still leary

Never having understood the theory of Imperialism nor calitalisms need to thwart communisn. Just eighteen young, dumb and no longer having fun. Incoming mortor rounds, booby traps, ambush

Agent Orange, punji pits and Chi-Com grenades. So many ways to die. Tripple canopy rain forrest. Mountain scenery, rainbows, river falls, plants and vegetation to delight the eye

Department of Defense. Military made. Infantry Grunt life either do or die. One hundred and ten degrees in
the shade. Contracted government paid killers. No welcome parade

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Grunt Life 68-69