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Near-death situations we face
before and after our birth.
Lucky if our mothers let us live
otherwise "Termination of
Pregnancy" means getting murdered
before having a chance to be born.
Abortion is nothing but murder.

Being born is a risky thing too.
Chances of turning blue while
in the process of being born
and then become an air-breathing
creature from the liquid breathing
one while inside the womb.

Even after being born the risk
of infections, germs, bacteria
and virus is much greater than
while under the protection of
mother while being inside her.

The end of the life we face is also,
surrounded by loved ones but
dying is a lonely process
facing all the hurts and pain
so overwhelming that in the end
it takes away life from our
each and every living cell and
we are pronounced "Dead"
all alone and no one can do
anything to bring us back to life
again because if you come to
life again then you were not
really speaking truly dead.

Obsessed by our importance
in the vast universe, we forget
an infinite number of creatures
Great and Small have lived and died
but they do not make up stories
about journey after death and
make a big fuss about their death.
We have to make up stories
about the journey after our death.
WHY? Because we are so childish
arrogant and a curse on mother Earth;
exploiting anything and everything
living or dead we, are the most
selfish as well as self-destructive
and most dangerous creature on Earth.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
13th March 2014.

"Professors Warn of "Horrifying" Self-Destruction of Human Civilization"
Maggie Harrison - 12 November 2022 14:46.

Humans have known about climate change for decades. So why are we choosing to destroy our planet ó and with it, ourselves?
© Provided by Futurism

Self Destruct Button
We live in a technologically advanced global society and we've known about climate change for decades. So why, as a group of professors posit in a damning essay for The Conversation, are we "choosing to destroy" our planet ó and with it, ourselves?

The essay was written as the world prepares for the upcoming COP27 conference, the latest of the UN's annual climate change summits. The academics, who hail from the University of Newcastle and the University of Sydney, aren't exactly optimistic that world leaders will actually get anything done this time around.

"Like watching a slow-motion train crash, the world's leading climate scientists have for decades warned of the dangers of ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions," they write, referencing the fact that the US government and Exxon have each been aware of the potential for manmade climate catastrophe since the 1970s. "Why do we condemn today's children and future generations to live on a dangerous and hostile planet?"

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