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The Fastest Draw We Never Saw
an old man's recollection

His name escapes me, anymore,
but his hand speed never will.
I must confess, what he did best
was mindful of "Wild Bill"!

He pulled his pistol with his right,
cross-holstered on his left.
We were in awe to watch him draw,
so accurate, so deft.

His actions were a blur to see
with the naked human eye.
He drew and fired while we admired 
the prowess of the guy.

Six empty bottles were set on posts,
a good distance from the man.
With his gun drawn, six bottles were gone,
in just a split-second span!

The story goes that one fine day
in the local town saloon,
a fight broke out with shots about,
in the early afternoon.

Our hero walked into the place
and eyed the dangerous ones.
In a quick showdown, he rid the town
of its fastest outlaw guns.

He drew and fanned the trigger
of his trusted Colt Peacemaker,
clearing the place of every face
that bought the undertaker.

He didn't stick around too long,
he was the "Traveling Law."
We won't forget we owe a debt
to the "fastest draw we never saw"!


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The Fastest Draw We Never Saw