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Isolated from soul, heart, Mind



How we carry the load upon our backs of memories we wish could once again be our reality.


We keep time in different ways like music use to make our hearts skip a beat to a happy tune, now the music of the soul is gone replacing it with unanswered questions, fear, and doubt isolating man within a place of cold unawareness.


Confinement we seem to choose to live each moment making no difference how fragile the world of unconscious thoughts use to glow with hope, faith, and love we shared among all the species here on earth, appreciating the happiness that we were free to make dreams come true without the darkness and shades that stay surrounding us.


With unwillingness, we no longer believe or care for ourselves, only drifting deeper into the void of nothing matters, just time that passes on the darkened paths that go nowhere, minds empty, forgotten brightness of light that once filled all hearts and souls.


Now! look around and see the emptiness in the eyes of people who threw away their faith for something they thought was better.


The wind blows past empty hearts that use to enjoy the simple life, now emptiness darkens the light away.


Now, all has changed because we choose to live differently forgetting the joys of just living as Children of God.


Our Heavenly Father once said hanging on the cross before he died! “Forgive them father, for they do not know what they do!”


Maybe in the new world that is upon us now, we'll remember exactly why we even existed!


Till then we roam without a thought of what Love even means. We merely exist. We are no good to ourselves when we have no idea who we are!


Many answers may satisfy man's distorted mind! But in time we shall find the answers true.



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