Nailing Truth Speakers

Be wise and shun popularity, notoriety and so-called celebrity until the day you die. Don't become duped by social media and fake news agencies espousing official governmental views and lies

Beware of the universities corrupting your offspring with non-sensical philosophies. Sponsored by DARPA funded activities. Covert mind control methods manipulating the masses

Confusing the middle and lower classes. Fort Detrick, Langley and other military bases. Who operatives are faceless. Stirring up discord domestically and internationally among all ethnicities and races

The economic elites having you accept and believe in a manufactured fake reality. Shadowy individuals in the background privately conniving. Hoping reality and truth will not be surviving

Convincing you that conveying truth will cause you to lose. Alphabet agencies surveilling. Intent upon nailing, truth speakers, at all cost to a cross that they care not to bare. Learn, seek truth out and share

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

Our time upon this earth is short. Our time beneath it will be longer. The Enemy throws all types of distractions in our way to divert us from the Right Way. Treading the path of error leads to spiritual ruin. Resulting in mass societal confusion because reality is hidden by illusion. Subsequently, people become anxious, depressed, hopeless and lost. Not accepting reality. Wanting to make an exception the rule. Not knowing the difference between one who is wise or one that is a fool. Allah will not change the condition of a people until till they make a change from within. Once we change our enviorment (society, world etc) changes. If the society is immoral, violent and sick it's because we have not not followed nor adhered to the guidence found in the books that we profess to believe in. Western society is lost in promoting promiscuity, gambling, nudity, drug and alcohol consumption to it's own downfall and eventual demise. The West needs Islam because their misunderstanding of God is leading them to ruination 6 mins ago society

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Nailing Truth Speakers