Arch Enemy Unseen

Vía mass communications. Massive lies and massive amounts of misinformation. Shadowy and lurking behind the scenes. Unseen entities of prevaracation and mental manipulation

Minions of Iblis scheming. Satellite TV worldwide simultaneously beaming material morally demeaning. Your delusion has not occurred due to a cerebral contusion

You seem completely unaware of exactly what has brought about your current state of total confusion? With ill conceived contempt the forces of evil will not relent

What is the motivating factor that has caused your heart to lack its luster? What drives you toward the afflictions of pornography, alcohol and drug addiction? It is not God

You are engaged with an Arch Enemy unseen. You are locked into a battle. Your unseen foe manipulates you like a herd of mindless cattle? Driving you towards an eternal abode of flame

Males and females are not the same. Gender identity is not like a suit of clothes easily changed. Regardless of how far-flung lies are spread. We must answer to our Maker for all of our actions when we are dead

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

The integrity, mentality and moral agenda of people dictates how technology will be put to use. The West has spread its moral sickness to the world via Mass Communication. And will one day be called to account for its misuse of power © 9 mins ago societal • decline

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Arch Enemy Unseen