Pain nation secession

The people of Earth are well versed in the ways of the nation of pain.
After two plus years of globalist prescribed lockdown disdain,
we ascertain that our governments to them appertain.
For us this to undo remains, as the victorious unslain,
having survived the jabís propaganda rain.
Earthís people are in full rejection of the weftian lords,
that pain nation 1% strain,
ready to pour them all down the ideological drain,
a dark stain and a history of no human good nor gain.
Their mad philosophy of mass population human kill goes against the grain,
fit for our universal condemnation of their much-coveted global reign.
Insane. They are gladly mad and evil bad.
There is no escape except you tear down all their evil drapes,
dyed in shades of sour grape, hiding their mental rape.
For these psychopaths do not feel sad.
Human compassion they never had.
In your heart let righteous indignation rise again.
Do not comply with their pain nation edicts, no compliance deign,
no matter how much sincerity that the reptilians feign.
They only deal in pain, always for their financial gain.
For you and yours no grain, while they fly private planes.
You see, the weftian lordsí mind is quite inane and
insulated from ordinary peopleís pain,
even as by their policies and mind think,
people are slain under their falling chem trails rain.
Not to mention their contrived carbon tax footprint mange,
that threatens to ban us all from natureís range.
Their pain nation supra national government structure
orbiting above our lives and dreams,
trying to douse our beams.
Their products are louses and
against everything humanly good and wholesome
they have perennial grouses.
Parasiting our money as central bank digital currencies
to control and track your every move, spend and patrimony.
Linked with digital identifications to control all your data
and locate you twenty-four seven,
their ego lust for domination under heaven,
always rising like leaven.
Everything you do now and later will be tracked
and recorded under heaven, by the denizen reptilian heathens.
Phone apps to track you and capture your biodata
from casual sex to life more complex.
This sure is hexed. It makes one downright vexed,
the pronouncements of the hegelian complex,
day and night one feels their evil flex.
2030 agenda to herd you away from nature and your land,
take away your ranches and farms, and kitchen garden charm,
all that you own they also will demand to remand.
Pain nation wants to crowd we the people
in their concrete mental high rises,
digital thought prisons to cram,
where just to think puts you in the way of globalists harm,
and there will be no meat neither ham,
nor jam and not lamb,
in their mental asylum technocracy lam.
Eating poison nationís genetically modified fruit.
Printing your digitized prison suit,
as they digitally rob you of your loot,
remember the ID, CBDCs and carbon footprint to boot.
With your back against the wall,
owning nothing at all,
your life an empty sad mall,
the dream killers living free above the public pall.
What do you do but come out fighting for your freedom.
Taking the fight to the globalists fiefdoms.
Overcome now the compassion bereft dark world leaders,
who every day spell casts their deceptions over the news readers.
They are driving the nations into recession,
such a shame compared to the 45thís booming economy and mission,
with hundreds of new businesses blossoming
during his presidential session.
What a beautiful seasonís lesson.
All progress now gone into remission
under the weftian lords fictions
and charitable derelictions.
Pain nation fit for all condemnation.
In the eyes of we the people a glaring consternation.
An alien reptilian mind and state
that all on Earth must eliminate,
before it is too late to close their stern gates and evil harpís brew.
What an evil crew but this is not historically new,
and earth still will sink their stewing canoe.
From pain nation the Earthís people must secede in liberating secession,
thereby ending the globalist evil reigning session.
Finally shattering their evil ideological prism
and ending that luciferian schism,
replacing that frequency with divine peace and love rhythm,
transforming the Earth in singing harmonious hymns,
restoring nature full to the brim.

Knight Truelove Poems Ė CI-563556223