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Listen I have taken this as I will never be understood
Do I really seem like I'll react out of vengeance?
Do I seem to be a person that wants revenge?
I've searched my core.
Way down deep.
To listen and apply your theories
But they never stick.
See when I left I didn't think about hurting you.
When I left I was trying to make things better for you.
I didn't want to be the person that hurt you anymore.
But I hurt you still.
I hurt you the most.
I just chose myself.
It's toxic when you stop forgiving.
It's toxic when you're not granting the significant other space to be themselves.
Control is toxic.
It's scary.
You have this whole life you want but the other person
Doesn't know exactly what they want because they want you happy
And your happiness depended on whether you could control the other or not.
That's toxic babe.
We were toxic.
The way you played games to see whether I would choose this or that
I didn't want to live that way
Because when I chose opposite and you still went through with it.
It's confusing.
I only wanted you to be clear in choosing me.
I only wanted you to be sure.
You weren't.
You never were.
I just wanna be normal.
You want the highs and I want the Normal.
I said we were not equally yoked.
You're too good for me. You deserve the love you give.
I can't be that person for you anymore
The warmth you gave before is cold.
I never questioned whether I was what you wanted before
I found myself questioning if you wanted me everyday.
That's just not what I want.
I'm the bad man.
Blame me.
Me just wanted normalcy.

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