Sports Frivolity

Organized sporting teams owned by an Elite cadre of billionaires. Bottom line profits are the only thing of which they care

Local, County, State, Internationally sponsored sporting events aimed
at revolutionary zeal nullification

Diffusing potential threats to
social, racial, political activities and violent rebellious situations

One of the methods employed by the Elites to keep the masses asleep. As they toil on plantation as high paid slaves

Sports as a tool to pacify and
weaken youthful viril liberation seekers. Making their militancy weaker

Youth of high quality. Burning up their activism and energy in games of frivolity. A wicked psychological operation

Designed to sap the power and distract the minds of potential youthful warriors. Is there any condition more sorrier

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

© Now athlete • exploitation

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Sports Frivolity