Jody You or Me

Some females have no sense
of sexual responsibility. When in heat she'll bang Jody, you or me indiscriminately

In a sexual partner she doesn't seek marriage, good character, honesty, probity or integrity. Not even a condom does she require

Johnson is all she cares to see or desires. Bastard children play a key role in her future financial plan. Entrapping multiple men for child support payment plans

To help her out with non-essentials and rent. Society exonerates her for being calculating, easy and lewd. Placing total responsibility for her multiple pregnancies upon the dudes

Males raised by single females rightly labeled stupid and weak. Unable to control their lower desires or bring anything good to the table. Making him a societal pariah. Drawing upon himself social and judicial ire

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

Modern Western females exhibiting unscrupulous behaviors © 22 mins ago

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Jody You or Me