No Double Duty

My back story may not be clothed in riches and glory. I come from a long line of men that have seen themselves as protectors and maintainers of women and children

Males knew the role that they had to assume to become men. Females understood what they had to do to present themselves as marriage women

Women were women and men were men. My grandfather was a polygamist. He owned over 250 acres of land. He supported his 16 sons and four daughters by his own two hands. His sons did likewise

They had chores by which they learned team work as well as individual responsibility. They were all taught to be respectful to elders. Be they older sisters and brothers or others

I followed that tradition as are my sons. When a woman in her child baring years work outside of the home who raises the children in the ways of proper behavior and conduct?

When a female works outside of the family unit. Then comes home to manage her family she is doing double duty. She is doing twice the work of the male. Real men carry their own weight. And the weight of others

A woman doing double duty is not fair. Not now not a hundred years ago. Men change society it's not the other way around. When society changes masculinity males take on the traits of women

And women are forced to become hard like men. Real men don't like masculent women and real women don't like effeminate men. These days or any other days. That's the way that it was in the beginning and that is the way it should end

In the West there is mass global societal confusion as to what constitutes and differentiates male from female. Dignity of identity and the fulfillment of responsibility must prevail

Westernized males must reclaim their masculinity. Westernized females must lose their masculinity to reclaim their true feminine identity. Let women be women and men be men.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

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No Double Duty