Living in a horrible household. Baring unspoken domestic abuse and violations. She file a petition with the courts. A decree for judicial determination granting her emancipation.

In his late teens he knew of a young neighborhood Ho. She was emacipated at age 15. Becoming a 16 year old mother and welfare queen. This occurred in the year that ended MLK's dream

She carried pampers slung from her shoulder in a bag. The Crew passed her around like a dirty rag. No one keeping her for long though. Just a memory from a long long time ago.
Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2023

About a young immature adolescent girl feeling hurt and neglected by her boyfriend.
She thought having sex with his friend would hurt him. She didn't know that his Crew often passed girls around among themselves. One pretending to sympathize with her plight. Not knowing it was a routine practiced among them. The immorality of Western society begins at an early age. They say you never really know a person until you live with them. Marriage before sex was once a standard. In Islam it is still the standard. In many Asían and African Nation it is still the standard. Arrange marriages are even better. Teen dating, adult dating didn't always go on in the West. It had a starting decade. Before dating there was courting. A male suitor would visit the young maiden's parents for permission to court her. There was no such thing as dating. The young lady would not be alone with the suitor unless she had a Chaperone. It is still like that among Muslims world wide. Same yourself, families and society from ruin. Learn about Allah's plan that brings peace and happiness through out all lands but first brings it about im you. © juvenile • promiscuity • downfall • of • society

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